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Established 2013 in Vienna Hilda.Henri is dedicated to extraordinary, high-quality childrens clothes - inspired by Alpine traditions, interpreted in a contemporary way.

“Here’s a range of children’s couture that really makes me want to pack everything up and move the family to an Austrian alpine farmhouse, but since that doesn’t seem likely, I’ll content myself in knowing that great style looks great everywhere.“ (Babyology)

It all began with creating a very special jumper wool dress. Using boiled wool, a former mountain farmers fabric and interpreting it in a very fresh, minimalistic and modern way attracted plenty of attention to our debut. The original Hilda.Henri jumper, our specific interpretation of a wool dress, was born. 
The collections of girls` and boys` designer clothes were growing and the selection of special designs were expanding constantly, but we remained faithfully to its successful recipe from the very beginning: Alpine traditions interpreted in a contemporary way.
Hilda.Henri loves to work with stories and history. Old handcraft traditions from the Alps were rediscovered.
Inspiration is not only drawn from traditional craftsmanship, but also from contemporary art. Our own pattern designs are giving the collections an artistic and playful touch. 

2017 the Fall/Winter collection was awarded with coveted Milk Award in Tokyo for best collection - a wonderful recognition for Hilda.Henri`s focus on high quality clothing, special fabrics and unique designs. 

Girl wearing Hilda.Henri Wool Coat In Color White With Black Big Hat

Since centuries people living in the Alps have a very close connection to their impressive natural environment. We feel strongly committed to this tradition. Working sustainably a significant guideline for all our processes while designing kidswear. 

For our kids designer clothes we favor natural, authentic high-quality fabrics, rooted in the Alpine region. We work with All Natural wool fabrics and GOTS-certified qualities from linen and cotton.

By using special materials in a very special way we are convinced that our childrens clothing carries a unique spirit inside itself. 
That very spirit is what makes us set a high value also on the way how to produce our garments. From the very beginning we are strongly committed to regional, fair and sustainable production - following the rules of a traditional handcraft. 


Our work embodies timeless silhouettes and playful attention to detail, such as knitted wool trims, cut edges and embroideries. Our garments show a fresh design and breathe history at the same time.

We are dedicated to special pieces. Our sophisticated kids fashion includes both girls clothing and outfits for boys. Our size range is between 2 and 16 years.
Key pieces are midi and maxi dresses, two-piece outfits (skirts and corsages), blouses and shirts showcasing our pattern designs, pants and overalls from linen or wool and coats. Special accessories like scarfs, collars, aprons and belts are complementing our collections.
You can have a detailed view on our high-quality kids clothes in our Onlineshop 

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