Collage of Hilda.Henri boiled wool styles. Sustainable fashion from Austrian brand Hilda.Henri - inspired by Alpine traditions interpreted in a new way

Hilda.Henri is inspired by Alpine traditions, interpreted in a contemporary way. Following this guideline we love to introduce one of our key fabrics for our sustainable kids designer clothes for winter.

Former Mountain Farmer Fabric Boiled Wool

Boiled wool, a felted fabric produced from knitted wool, refined with heat, water, and exercise, is one of the key fabrics of the collections of Hilda.Henri. Hilda.Henri is liberating the erstwhile Alpine farming fabric from the context of traditional costumes, breathing new life into it and giving it a focus on cute kids` designer clothing. The unique product characteristics of milled loden, as a natural material, are ideally suited for use in children’s and teens fashion. Milled loden is light, breathable, water-repellent, temperature-balancing, warming and cooling, and adapts to the wearer’s body shape.


The technical process

Making boiled wool it is a traditional method of felting wool - using water, heat, friction and a lot of experience. Clear water and clean air from the mountains make from the finest wool precious milled wool fabrics. Not even soap is allowed in order o keep the lanolin inside the wool.

In the very first steps sheep wool is washed, spun, dyed and knitted. Then felted, by thermal, mechanical and water. The fabric shrinks in length and width. There are countless tiny air chambers trapped in the fabric and the valuable wool grease lanolin remains in the fabric.This environmentally friendly and ecologically sensitive production method creates a hard-wearing and wonderfully comfortable fabric made from pure new wool. These temperature-regulating effect ensures a high wearing comfort. The lanolin contained forms a perfect insulating layer that provide a unique climate and comfort in winter as in summer. Natural felted fabrics are lightweight, durable, resistant, water repellent and breathable. Manufactured regionally from locally produced natural fibers, the kids`designer clothing is not only made in a fair and environmentally conscious way, all items  are manufactured following the rules of traditional exquisite craftsmanship rooted in the Alpine region. 

Using a special material in a very special way Hilda.Henri is convinced that its jumpers and wool clothing carry a unique spirit.

Written by Verena Wondrak