Girl is wearing Hilda.Henri sustainable wool coat and big mask in a field. Campaign shoot FW20/21


Each season is dedicated to a very special topic we draw inspiration from for our high-quality kids designer clothing. In the past we often got inspired by art: painters, movies, writers we are interested in.

We are excited to introduce our inspiration for our new winter line!

Transformations can have many faces. They might surprise or frighten us, enrich our lives by waking desires and dreams, make us laugh or be the trigger for feeling sad. However, they never leave us indifferent – on the contrary, they often elicit us a spontaneous Oh! instead. An Oh! full of joy and satisfaction, an Oh! of feeling deeply sorry, an Oh! because of feeling ridiculous, an Oh! of admiration, an Oh! of protest and revolt, an Oh! because of an overwhelm of feelings.

Welcome to our FW20 collection Métamorphose Oh! – celebrating the power of changes and the ambiguity of transformations. Oh!

Discover our timeless and extraordinary silhouettes, artistic prints, high attention to detail and new natural fibers of highest-quality FW20. Shop sustainable wool dresses, extraordinary coats and artistic blouses

Written by Verena Wondrak