Hilda.Henri wool jumper in yellow in front of mountain landscape. Showcasing extraordinary and sustainable kidsclothing from Austrian brand Hilda.Henri

Since centuries people living in the Alps have a very close connection to their impressive natural environment. We feel strongly committed to this tradition. It`s a significant guideline for all our working processes while designing kidswear.

For our kids designer clothes we favor natural, authentic high-quality fabrics, rooted in the Alpine region. We work with All Natural wool fabrics and GOTS-certified qualities from linen and cotton.

While producing our boiled wool fabrics for coats, dresses and skirts only wool yarns and water is used. Not even soap is allowed in order to achieve our All Natural quality.

By using special materials in a very special way we are convinced that our childrens clothing carries a unique spirit inside itself.

That very spirit is what makes us set a high value also on the way how to produce our garments. From the very beginning we are strongly committed to regional, fair and sustainable production - following the rules of a traditional handcraft. Partners are old established family businesses with a longtime knowledge – settled in between the mountains and nature in Austria or in neighboring countries in Europe.

Each garment is carefully handmade.

We remain in continuous contact with our suppliers and partners in order to achieve further improvements and innovations regarding our wool clothing.

Nature and sunshine. Detail from shooting of extraordinary Austrian label Hilda.Henri
Written by Verena Wondrak