Boy and girl running through wintery Alpine landscape. Both wearing Hilda.Henri coats, jackets, pants and accessories from the Austrian label. High-quality and durable kids clothes. Slow fashion for kids

It all began with creating a very special jumper wool dress. Using boiled wool, a former mountain farmers fabric and interpreting it in a very fresh, minimalistic and modern way attracted plenty of attention to our debut. The original Hilda.Henri jumper, our specific interpretation of a wool dress, was born.
The collections of girls` and boys` designer clothes were growing and the selection of special designs were expanding constantly, but we remained faithfully to its successful recipe from the very beginning: Alpine traditions interpreted in a contemporary way.

“Here’s a range of children’s couture that really makes me want to pack everything up and move the family to an Austrian alpine farmhouse, but since that doesn’t seem likely, I’ll content myself in knowing that great style looks great everywhere.“ (Babyology)


We love to work with stories and history. Old handcraft traditions like hand-print by using woodblocks were rediscovered by us. Handprint was once really popular in the alpine region and helped sublimate the material of traditional costumes and dirndl dresses. Today it is rare and only practiced by selected family businesses.
For winter we liberated the former mountain farmer fabric boiled wool from the context of traditional costumes and interpreted in in a new and fresh way. Kalmuck - a very special fabric worn by workers floating along the river Danube in Austria - is used not only for wool coats, but also for wool dresses, skirts, pants and corsages. For summer we work with stonewashed linen and cotton of softest touch. At this point, we ought to remember to mention that we are aware of the rules of Torah and therefore do not mix wool and linen in one garment.
Written by Verena Wondrak