Girl wearing Hilda.Henri sustainable and high-quality clothes: collar blouse with artistic print, wool jumpsuit and woolen headscarf. Playful lookbook shoot of extraordinary kids`designer clothing from Austria

Hand-Painted Prints

Our own pattern designs are giving our blouses, shirts and accessories an artistic touch. Every garment is unique.

Girl wearing Hilda.Henri wool jumper - in set of Hilda.Henri campaign shooting. Sustainable and extraordinary kids`designer clothing made in Austria

Alpine Traditions

It all began with creating a very special jumper wool dress. Using boiled wool, a former mountain farmers fabric.

Two girls wearing Hilda.Henri outfits for winter. Skirt, pants blouses and accessories are completing these outfits of extraordinary kids`designer clothing

Sustainable Clothes

Since centuries people living in the Alps have a very close connection to their impressive natural environment. Hilda.Henri feels strongly committed to this tradition.

Our Wool Clothes

Hilda.Henri is dedicated to kids clothing from authentic and natural fibers. Our fabrics are rooted in the Alpine region and sustainably manufactured

Girl wearing extraordinary wool clothing from Hilda.Henri. Super soft and comfortable girls`wool clothes, manufactured regionally in sustainable production. Both dressy and cute girl`s outfit
Girl wearing collar blouse with both romantic and artistic print and black&white wool skirt with dots. High-quality kids clothes from Austrian brand Hilda.Henri. Lookbook shot in hand-painted setting.

Garments With Artistic Touch

Our hand-painted artworks are giving our blouses, shirts, dresses and accessories a very special touch

Our Mission

Slow Fashion With Wow
We love to create extraordinary garments for kids and teens - both girls clothing and boys outfits. Our work embodies timeless silhouettes, own pattern designs and playful attention to detail - drawing inspiration from both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art.
We favor natural fabrics rooted in the Alpine region and emphasize on sustainable and fair production – following the rules of traditional handcraft.
2017 our winter line has been awarded with Milk Award in Tokyo - a wonderful recognition for our focus on authentic high-quality childrens clothes, special fabrics and unique designs.
It is our dream that our garments take on an important role in families‘ lives and get passed along from child to child. Find inspiration for cutest girls styles and boys clothes